Piano Lessons with David Ibbett


Dr. David Ibbett holds a Masters in Music from the University of Cambridge and a doctorate in composition from the University of Birmingham, UK. He taught piano for 7 years in London before moving to the US with his wife Sarah in 2014 – and is now proud to be based at the Ibbett Music Studio in Burlington Massachusetts.

Teaching Philosophy

The study of piano provides a wonderful opportunity for self-expression and creativity, but also for critical thinking, problem solving, and building self-confidence. It is a vital foundation to understanding and enjoying the world of music, and I love to work with students at all stages of their musical journeys. 

I introduce my students to pieces from classical, jazz, pop and rock styles – always with an emphasis on variety, right from the beginning of study. Traditional repertoire, scales, arpeggios and technical exercises are essential for building a strong technique, but must always be balanced with pieces from the piano’s rich range of styles – which gets richer all the time as new music is written by contemporary artists. I encourage my students to pick their own pieces to learn (surprise me!), and am always happy to make an arrangement of a song to match a their ability level. There is nothing more motivating than learning to play your favourite song on the piano, and in the process, develop a whole host of new skills.

Many of my piano students go on to develop an interest in creating their own music, and this often begins with making an arrangement of a song by ear. Along the way, we learn music theory, harmonization, keyboard skills, and the principles of song writing. This creative journey is different for every student, and sometimes leads to the composition of original music


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